Live roulette in online casino


Roulette is a popular and sought-after game within the walls of a online casino. In institutions that work online, it is a virtual application with a clearly constructed algorithm of actions for issuing combinations.

Now in every gaming institution real dealers and croupiers work. At least this is what the management says with confidence. Live dealer websites are openly announced on sites owned by online casinos, replacing automated software with a number generator.


But is it really so? Is it really a person who manages the program, or is this another move by experienced marketers? Is a player waiting for a meeting with a living person? And most importantly, how to check it? Very simple. People who want to gain confidence in the future are advised to read this review to the end.

Live Roulette

When you see a brochure in front of you that reports live roulette, this does not mean that a real dealer is waiting for you. The presence of a person on the other side of the screen does not change the mathematical algorithm embedded in the online casino automated program.
The flip side of the illusion is the same random number generator. No difference. This begs the question, and where does the epithet “live.” Everything is simple. In the business world, not only honest people work, but also scammers.
Roughly the same thing is happening on the Internet. Most casinos only talk about live dealers, but do not contain staff. After all, specialists need to pay a salary, reward their services to the company, and reward them in other possible ways. Often, this method of operation is extremely disadvantageous online casino.Sling RouletteAn analog of the aforementioned entertainment is Slingshot roulette. The drum is fully automated, but shooting is done in a dedicated audience. The player sees what is happening in real time without brakes.
This roulette functions due to sensors that launch the ball in a circle. Cells with numbers are indicated by red and black bulbs. This roulette simulates a real drum, which attracts most users.

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